Morais Dicks started underwriting and brokering mortgages in the basement of his home in Baldwin New York in 2003, keeping in his entrepreneurial spirit. Within six months, Morais embarked on his first million dollar venture and quickly outgrew the basement. In 2004 he moved his operation to Valley Stream, New York, which is the flagship office and currently the headquarters of his enterprise.

Morais Dicks: Entrepreneur & Business Expert

Morais currently owns six corporations and manages an additional five. His business expertise and experiences spans over several industries, including investing, real estate, medical, debt buying, and consultations across continental borders. By always staying ahead of the trend he has birthed a multinational operation.

From his headquarter, Morais daily activities focus around PROGRESSIVE GLOBAL NETWORK CORPORATION, which is a privately held real estate investment and advisory firm. The firm specializes in the investment of distressed properties and develops real estate for its own account, joint ventures with others, provides strategic advice to distressed homeowners and investors alike, and Progressive Homes and Development, specializing in real estate investment, real estate marketing, speculating and analysis. To date through these companies Morais has done over $800 million in real estate transactions, among others and continue to grow.

Between combined ventures, he ended last year’s portfolio with a combined $26 million in gross sales. His current portfolio for the current fiscal year is currently expanding into diverse new markets and investments and in route to surpass previous year’s performance.